About Us

Who We Are

We are your one-stop destination, when you are looking for licensed investment and commercial real estate brokerage. With Orange Group by your side, you need not have to look for another option. Just be our partner, and we will serve you through.

With us, you are likely to receive:

  • Listing information on more than 20 various websites
  • Installation of comprehensive on-site signage
  • Emailing investors and some local commercial brokers on your behalf
  • Targeted mailings under customized services
  • Personal phone calls to investors, major brokers, and some potential end-users

Our group has already made its name as an investor or tenant representative with years of working experience under our kitty. Our proven record is enough to prove our quality services. We are able to find accurate properties for our clients, ready to lease or purchase for own use or just for covering investment services. Furthermore, we also have an unmatched network of associates and clients, working with us. Thanks to our key services and hard work, we are able to foster long-term relationships with our clients.

Reasons to harp on Orange Group:

When it is time to sell investment property:

Our group has the finest brokerage experience for leveraging true value of your property, both intangible and intrinsic. Not only that but our great knowledge of the Milwaukee Wisconsin works as an added point. We have the finest knowledge in Chicago land and Greater Milwaukee for you to pursue and connect with the right buyer for your investment property. We will have the entire transaction covered with the successful closing, on your behalf.



Time to find the right tenants for commercial property:

We are into this field of renting market for years now and are quite aware of the changes taking place. We are always there to combine our knowledge with intensive screening procedure, just to help you find the right tenant for help. To top it all, we have real estate wisdom, which is hard for you to miss. Thanks to our years of experience, we are able to use the perfect formula to help you find the right commercial tenant. On the other hand, our positive skill in lease transactions and negotiations will provide an efficient and fast closing.



Already invested in a real property and highly looking for a manager:

Other than investing monetary value on a property, you have to foster a long-lasting relationship with the tenant. That’s when you need Orange Group for complete help. Our diligence, integrity, and honesty can relate well to the maintenance and care of your property. Moreover, make sure to consult us for extending same attributes to tenants, which will give rise to stronger professional relationships in the near future. So, join hands with us and let us take care of your tenant satisfaction, for maximizing return on investment.


No matter how tough your real estate needs are, we are always there to help!

  • Help you to buy investment property
  • Always by your side when you need to sell an investment property
  • Get out of our way to manage your investment property
  • Be your guide while you plan to manage investment property
  • Help you to buy commercial property
  • Your thoughtful guide while selling a commercial property
  • Your friend and guide while buying or selling a home
  • Perfect guide while buying a business
  • Offering thoughtful plans and tips on selling a business

Mail us your queries:

So, the next time you have made plans to work on investment properties, or want to learn more about our services, be sure to email us at our official address at mwatson@orangeaverealtors.com or Khalidsoldit@gmail.com. We are happy to help!