Each acquisition is different but you will need at least $100,000-$150,000 to buy and rehab your investment property.

We can always sell the property to the partner or to other investors when you are ready to sell.

Our office is located in Miami you are welcome to stop by and meet with us. You will also be dealing with our attorney who is licensed in the state of FL.

We are licensed professionals with many contacts in the area. All of our properties are purchased below the market value giving us great leverage.

You are welcome to bring in as many people as possible as long as you are aware that your shares will be shared.

We will be buying properties strategically around Milwaukee, Chicago, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach Counties.

For us to have the best chance to pick up the best deals we must have the funds available. A line of credit is just as good as cash. It’s all money in the bank.

After completing the rehab any work needed to be done will come out of the rents.

We are a licensed property management company and we will handle all the day to day dealings with the city ordinances, and tenants alike.

1-6 months including the purchasing and rehabbing and renting of the units.