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Our team from Orange Group is all set to provide our clients with top-notch quality Property Management Milwaukee services. We are property gurus you can rely on completely and trust blindly. We are not just your registered and licensed management firm but comprise of full service. With 15+ years of combined experience, we have already helped national, local and international investors with their current investment properties. Our services cover some areas like Broward County, Miami-Dade and West Palm Beach. Our specialization is associated with commercial and residential properties of multiple sorts like retail centers, condominiums, and office buildings. Our success key has always been consistent, thanks to our transparent communication and detailed quality services for that. Our services are very much alike towards tenants and clients. So, the next time you are planning to hire services from Orange Group, you are in safe hands! You are always allowed to give us a call for free consultation. Or else, you can “Click here” for any free evaluation on rental property or information on Property Management Racine.

When you hire the Orange Group you are hiring the best of the best.  Call us for a FREE consultation or CLICK HERE for a free rental property evaluation.


  • Consider joining hand with us for paying all bills on behalf of property. Some examples are loan payment, taxes, repairs, and insurance.
  • We provide separate trust account banking and rental collections from our professional collection department.
  • We are providing our clients with computerized and comprehensive monthly statements. Now, that includes complete records of disbursements and all sorts of collections.
  • We are further able to help you in preparing necessary forms without any added cost. Some examples are a change of terms, notice to quit, quite or 5 days’ pay.
  • Our team conducts quarterly interior inspections and on-site exterior inspection. We are able to offer a year-end statement of all expenses and income for tax records. If there is any change in the law, which might affect owner or property, then we will inform you about that beforehand.



  • Join us for advertising on our official online site and other rental sites for exposing property 24 x 7, a year.
  • We will work on your behalf for Property Management Waukesha and will design and place advertisements in flyers, local newspapers, local company referral department and government agencies.
  • If you want, we might provide a professional “For Rent” sign along with flags and banners, if necessary.
  • We can be your perfect help for call capturing by providing details, 24 x 7. Some such details are information on the security deposit, rent amount, directions, and terms.
  • We will show tenants your units on weekends and evenings. Our trained experts will meet the tenants personally and will walk them throughout your unit.
  • Furthermore, we will keep a track on showings and comments, just to help you keep up-to-date with the property information.

We make it a point to screen all the prospective tenants first before showing them any unit. For that, we would like to ask for a detailed application. Based on the given information, we will track down their credit history, banking, employment verification and residential history, to name a few.



After going through the available options and spinning our magic, we will come across the valid candidate as a prospective tenant. After that, we will prepare the rental agreement within a short notice period, for signing. We will further provide copies of all house regulations and rules to the tenants.

Our experienced team will perform a move-in walk through. Later, they will complete the inspection form, which will help in listing out the inventory needs of condition and fixtures of the selected property for any future reference. We will ensure to let tenants sign off on carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors for any future help.


  • Thanks to our well-trained team, you are able to receive 24 hours of emergency service, 365 days a year.
  • Our team is able to conduct a move-out inspection of the vacated units for determining the refurnishing requirements.
  • You can count on us for supervising and coordinating all forms of tenant maintenance based needs, through qualified vendors only. These vendors are bonded and license holders.
  • We ensure to keep detailed records of all forms of maintenance, performed on the said property.
  • You can rely on us for full supervision of all kinds of property support services, like landscaping, pool and more, to name a few.

Upon receiving the receipt of the notice, we make sure to meet and coordinate with all or any city officials or inspectors.


Other than working on Property Management Kenosha, you are always invited to rely on us for completing the entire eviction service right on time. The eviction procedure and the cost will vary from one city to another, after following the legal norms. Not only that, but we will manage the eviction process on behalf of our clients and will see through it, for avoiding any hassle.